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About company

Motto: The man can also be assessed by how much he can follow through with things....

Founding the company and its history

JEWA export-import s.r.o. was founded in the spring of 1995. Its main goal was to draw on the expertise and knowledge of the partners in the forestry field. We started our collaboration with forest owners, offered services involving logging, forest tree planting, reforestation and forest protection. We have established contacts in the Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Russia, Poland and Macedonia where we manage to buy timber from the state and private forest owners. The timber is harvested and extracted from the forest to be processed at our sawmill or at our customers´ premises. At the same time we concluded contracts with new partners in Austria, Germany, Italy and Hungary.

JEWA export – import – further expansion

Our company was successful in a competitive tender for the forestry services associated with the purchase of wood after the natural disaster in the High and Low Tatras and the wind calamity in the Sumava Mountains in 2007. In 2008 we expanded our operations to the North and South American continent. In the U.S. states of Florida, Indiana and Missouri, we managed to buy timber and deliver it to our customers. In 2011, we signed a contract to supply timber from Panama and we started to export wood to India. We are currently negotiating with new suppliers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.

When purchasing forest land in the Beskydy Protected Landscape Area in 1998, we bought a wooden cottage from 1902 which we reconstructed and now it is rent as a holiday home.

For the entire period of the existence of our company, we have managed to purchase dozens of hectares of forest and non-forest land where we successfully grow trees for Christmas sale. Part of our work for municipal and private forests is a forest restoration program in which we are trying to focus on planting deciduous trees. Today we can boast of dozens of hectares with new forest plantations and secured forests.

Other activities

In 2007, we participated in the construction of a sports complex in Dobrá, where there are 4 tennis courts and other leisure facilities. In 2012, we completed the construction of a wine cellar with a terrace which is placed in the Relax Sports Club building together with new offices in Dobrá (Frýdek-Místek district).

In 2011, we started in cooperation with TEDOM company to distribute cogeneration units on the market.

František Jelének – Executive director